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A Future for No Future
Keeping it casual.
Ryan Smith. Photo courtesy Ryan Smith.

No Future is an odd name for a band born only a handful of months ago. The namesake is rendered all the more strange when taking into account the storied past of the members comprising the project that’s already alleging its days are numbered. The brand new punk project features a notable cast of musicians, celebrated both in Milwaukee and, in some cases, well beyond. The sizable and impressive list of bands the lineup of No Future have played in include the likes of Decibully, Since By Man, Poison The Well, Red Knife Lottery, Bosio, Managra, and Seven Days of Samsara – just to name a few.

Music Notes sat down with No Future drummer Ryan Smith to talk about the establishment, the aspirations and the (ahem!) future of No Future.

Music Notes: What’s the origin of the band? How did it all happen?

Ryan Smith: Brad (Clifford) and I started jamming. We’ve kind of played music off and on since about 2002. We talk to Kenny (Siebert) about doing, like, a fast hardcore band. Then, Eric (Alonso) and Andy (Silverman) were asked.

MN: It seems like all of you were either in other bands or still are in other bands. Why did you all want this new band, if you already have other band commitments?

RS: We all wanted a really casual band that’s not trying to get big and go on tour. I mean, if we go on tour, fine. No pressure. We just wanted something that was more fun than business-minded, as opposed to all of our other bands, I suppose.

MN: Brad is in Poison The Well, right?

RS: He was when we started, but now they kind of fizzled out.

MN: It seems like Brad is still on the road a lot though…

RS: Yeah, he guitar techs for Circa Survive.

MN: With that, there are obviously limits on the band. Is that a positive thing, like it helps the band stay a casual thing?

RS: Yeah, we all work full-time jobs. Silverman has two jobs, so it’s nice to have something that’s casual that, when it happens, it happens.

MN: What are you bands influences? How would you explain your sound to someone who’s never heard you before?

RS: We kind of took reference from older crust punk bands: From Ashes Rise, Tragedy, Cursed, His Hero Is Gone – stuff like that. We just wanted to replicate the underground hardcore basement scene that we’ve all been fans of for years.

MN: You kind of mentioned this earlier, but what’s your aim for the band? Will you record, tour, or is it just a hobby?

RS: It’s casual, but when we play, we take it pretty seriously. We have full practices and get a lot of stuff done. We’re working toward a full-length that we’d like to release through one of the Milwaukee labels.

MN: When do you think it will be out?

RS: We have six songs now, working on a seventh. And once we hit 10, we’re going to get in the studio and record. But I think we’re all set on just doing vinyl.

MN: What about the band name, what’s behind that?

RS: It’s a Sex Pistols song. Not that we’re influenced by The Sex Pistols or are huge Sex Pistols fans. It just kind of came about, and we liked it.

MN: I wasn’t sure if it had anything to with your aspirations with the band – or lack thereof.

RS: I guess it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek.

MN: What’s it like to not be dating someone in your band? (Ryan is engaged to Ashley Chapman, the singer of his former band, Red Knife Lottery)

RS: [Laughs] It’s nice. I haven’t been in an all dude band in, wow, six years or so.

No Future opens a show at Mad Planet (533 E. Center St.) at 8 p.m. Sunday. The Atlas Moth, Cause For Revelation and Wolvhammer are also playing. It’s $7 in advance or $10 at the door.

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