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The Making of 'Return to The Runway'
What went into the beauty for Miranda Levy's fashion show.

How do you tackle hair and makeup for 25 models walking in a top-notch fashion show? Well, Miranda Levy decided to enlist me for hairstyling and local makeup artist Michael Weiss.. We were pretty honored. Held Friday Feb. 28 at the Intercontinental Hotel, I wanted to give you a look at what went on behind the scenes. 

We each put together a team, and got to work on the looks for her "Return to the Runway." Michael had to come up with a makeup look that worked well with blues, plaids, and bright colors. He put together a fresh-faced, slightly '60s mod look with peaches and corals on the cheeks and lips, and a deeper espresso color for the eyelids with a winged matte eyeliner. 

           Model Miranda from Ohlsson Model Management with the finished makeup look.

Each makeup artist had about 25 minutes for each model, with about half of the time spent perfecting the eye. The look worked especially well with Peach Carr's collection. How did Michael and his team keep the makeup fresh between multiple outfit changes?

He and his team (
Amanda Shallow, Brian Firkus, Maria Stamas, Lori Schultz and Lash Boutique) made sure to apply the eye makeup first made it easier to keep the skin (especially around the eye) clean. When doing the darker eyeshadow contours, some powder will fall onto the orbital bone area giving the eye a sunken look. So with the under-eye concealer applied last, this made it easier to keep everything clean throughout the show. Their main lip color used was Kevyn Aucoin's "Infinate." Michael says, "the team was a dream and made it so easy and fun. They nailed it and were in the zone."

Michael Weiss hard at work.

For the hair in the show, we decided to keep it very minimal so the attention could be on the clothing. We picked glossy, straight pony tails with a deep side part for the first half of the show. We used a lot of Bumble and Bumble's Shine Spray to achieve the glossy look. Every hair stylist made sure the pony was perfect with no bumps, which is a lot harder than it looks.

                                                                           The ponytail.

We also had to figure out how to fit about half the models with a hair piece called a "squirrel" for Peach Carr's collection. This "squirrel" wrapped around the models' hair creating a low loose chignon. Our biggest fear was not securing the squirrels well enough and one of them falling off on the runway. Thankfully, everything went perfectly and we took all the squirrels off in time for the models to walk down the runway in the final look of a braided bun. 

                                                                        The braided bun.

A special thanks to my team from Carenza: Trisha Lysaght, Cameron Tabat, Kellie May, Heather Beres and Scarlet Begonia. Each model needed flyways sprayed back down in between outfit changes and my team made it look seamless.


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nicoleB Posted: 3/14/2014 12:04:03 AM
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Nice to hear that! They can perform great with a good team.
MOST Commented