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Black in Action
Sue Black will be the next president and CEO of the Milwaukee Wave.

Sue Black’s unexpected and unexplained firing last August by county executive Chris Abele left many people wondering where the former Milwaukee County parks director would land next.

On her feet? Of course. Still in Milwaukee? That wasn’t as clear.

But today - after nearly six months of free agency - Black was named president and CEO of the Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team. The announcement came immediately after today’s Milwaukee Wave “School Day Game” at U.S. Cellular Arena.

So for now it appears the award-winning UW-Madison graduate is here to stay, and judging by her work in the parks system, there’s about to be a splash in indoor soccer.

The only remaining question is how Black’s success with Milwaukee’s many outdoor parks will translate to the city’s most notable indoor field. It’s a move from natural grass to artificial turf, but Black is embracing the transition.

“I love working with a team,” she told The Business Journal. “How many people in their lifetime get to be head of a professional sports team? It is a dream position.”

Black, who recently fell just short of the parks director position in Dallas, started her parks career as director of the Green Lakes, Wis., parks department in 1981 and served as Milwaukee County parks director from 2003 to 2012.

Read our January profile of Black here.

(Black photo by Adam Ryan Morris)

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