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Morning Links for Feb. 5, 2014
Maybe someday, these two guys will film a commercial together.

Satya Nadella and David Beckham have reached the top of their fields, though we're guessing the paths were a tad different. Except for the route that led them to today's Morning Links.

  • Here's a feather in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's cap. Or at least its computer code. Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella, is an alum.
  • The key to fixing Milwaukee's burgeoning wrong-way driver problem? More visible signs. Might we also nominate less driver-ingested booze. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has the details.
  • Meanwhile, the city-mandated evictions at Milwaukee's Evergreen Court mobile home park, brought about due to unsafe living conditions, have left dozens wondering where they're going to sleep. Today's TMJ4 told some of their stories.
  • The state's propane shortage has led to a run on firewood, which has now created a firewood shortage, at least for some stores in Milwaukee. WTMJ AM-620 has more.

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