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Sketching Fall 2013 Fashion
Designers share their inspirations for their collections...
Obviously, there is a lot that goes into the design of couture fashion. But it all starts with an idea that is first fleshed out with sketches that the designer and his or her team work faithfully to recreate for the runway. Below are the inspirational sketches for four of the designers who will be debuting their fall 2013 Collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City Feb. 7-14. I love seeing the sketches before I actually witness the garments that they inevitably become. Take a sneak peek into the creative mind of the designers as they note their inspirations…

Pamella Roland Fall 2013 Inspiration Sketches


Known for her fabulous red carpet ready gowns, the New York based designer was influenced by her love of travel to distant lands and the grandeur of architecture. "For fall 2013, I was inspired by the ornate interior of the winter palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia."

Rebecca Taylor Fall 2013 Inspiration  

“Silhouettes are modern and clean with organic architectural embellishments, color blocking and fabric mixing. Soft silks both opaque and sheer with subtle textures are contrasted with modern structured tailoring and leather to create tension and balance. Prints are textural and graphic composed with a color palette grounded in muted neutrals and accented with blushy pinks, cognacs, and scarlet.”

Rita Vinieris FW 2013 Collection Inspiration Sketches


"For my debut evening wear collection, I wanted to explore effortless elegance. American architect Louis Kahn, whose work defined 20th Century Modernism, inspired me. My collection focuses on bias cuts and simplicity of shape. It's really about gentle motion. I use organic ornamentation, playing with scale to create sumptuous textures. Patinas are used to enhance their depth and richness. I truly want to dress women at night in a way that's relevant for today."

Four Corners Of A Circle Fall 2013 Inspiration Sketches

Designer Natsuko Kanno takes her Japanese heritage seriously when it comes to inspiration. Known for her strong structural style and has added silk screening techniques to create definition and details for her fall 2013 collection. “One must find their own way, to make this world a better place. Through design, these expressions take form as the 4 CORNERS OF A CIRCLE collection, where women are strong and sexy, worldly and confident, yet may simultaneously exude a soft side.”

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