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Morning Links for Feb. 27, 2014
A Charlie Trotter tribute, perpetual winter, Boston Marathon and more.
Sick of all the talk about how sick we are of the weather? Good, because there's only one story in our morning round-up that relates to this Arctic ickiness.

  • Talk about hopeful news. Not. Scientists say that our Great Lakes – frozen like they haven’t been since the 1990s – may be “bottling” the cold for spring. Which means winter might never end??

  • Are you missing Mahal? That’s the Milwaukee County Zoo orangutan that died in 2012. Mahal was so popular at the zoo that he inspired a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel series and a book about his life. Turns out his death is even more interesting.

  • In dining news – my favorite kind of news – here is a photo gallery of images from New York City chef David Bouley’s recent tribute dinner to the late Chicago Charlie Trotter.

  • Actor Seth Rogen apparently knows a thing or two about Alzheimer’s disease. At least he trekked to the nation’s Capitol to speak about Alzheimer’s to a room full of senators. Only there wasn’t a roomful of senators. Only a couple of legislators showed up. And Rogen was a ’lil perturbed about it.

  • Take your bag, baby stroller and unregistered-runner-self and get outta here! So say officials with the Boston Marathon. Yeah, this is serious stuff. 

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