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Southridge's Style Makeover
It's starting with LOFT's redesigned store.

Image via LOFT. 

Southridge Mall has undergone quite the facelift! A brand new LOFT concept store opened up middle of February, and we were pleasantly surprised by it's fresh new aesthetic. It's light and white spacious interior allows the colorful clothing to pop. There are many areas to lounge, giving the store a more intimate boutique setting. It's almost like being in a large, luxurious closet, with all your outfits put together already.

All LOFT's employees are trained as stylists to help you put together that perfect look, and they're generous with the one-on-one time, including taking care of you in the dressing room and making sure you have the correct size.  

Looking around the new concept store, you'll see many of spring's hottest trends:  a loose denim boyfriend shirt, mixed prints, or a cropped and rolled loose straight jean.

One of my favorite looks this spring is the printed short paired with a colored blazer. Not sure about baring your legs? Wearing a printed pair of shorts over opaque tights with boots is an adorable look as well.

Image via LOFT.

In addition to the revamped LOFT, Southridge is also getting an Aldo shoe store, Encore shoe store (boasting brands such as Nike, Keds and Tommy Hilfiger), and Victoria's Secret PINK store - all opening in spring and summer of 2013.

Will these new store offerings bring you to Southridge more often? Let me know in the comments below. 

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