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You Should Know Girlfight and Cut Teeth
Music Notes explains why.

Milwaukee has always been a great destination for out-of-town bands. We have an ever-growing number of venues willing to take a flyer on bands from all over the country and the world, offering Milwaukeeans the unique opportunity to check out some truly amazing bands we might not otherwise get to see. In this installment of a new Music Notes feature, we take a look at two bands: A touring band you might not be familiar with and a brand new Chicago band sharing a bill in Bay View this weekend. These bands are Girlfight and Cut Teeth, respectively.

Check Them Out
Sandwiched between local headliner Disguised As Birds and area opener Hot Coffin on Saturday night at the Cactus Club.

What’s The Big Deal?
This show is worth the price of admission (a number we don’t yet know, but are sure is too low) based on the local bookends alone. Disguised As Birds has hit its stride with 2011 full-length Black Circles and is, in this writer’s opinion, one of the best rock bands residing within the city limits. Hot Coffin has wasted little time turning heads in the band’s first two shows.

However, it’s the guests that steal Friday’s spotlight. Hailing from Pittsburgh (aka Milwaukee East), seasoned hardcore act Girlfight returns to Milwaukee as part of its 15-stop winter tour. This show also marks the debut of Chicago outfit Cut Teeth. No, not the Milwaukee debut—the debut debut. This is the first Cut Teeth show in history, let alone the 414 area code. That’s not to say the band isn’t familiar with our fair city, as guitarist/Milwaukee expatriate Dan Yingling was part of such noted local acts as Forstella Ford and Red Knife Lottery. Members of recently disbanded The Felix Culpa also form the group’s impressive ranks.

How’s The Latest Album?
In a word, short. Girlfight’s latest EP, last year’s Defamate, clocks in below the seven-minute mark. It’s a follow-up to 2008’s Infinite Carcass, which was about 15 minutes long. Still, the four songs comprising Defamate don’t require a moment longer as each two-minute outburst proves blistering, brash-yet-intricate and technical. Like any good EP, it locks you in before leaving you wanting more. I want more.

Cut Teeth made its six-track introduction, Televandalism, available earlier this week. At first listen, it’s a ballsy guitar-driven opus settling somewhere between Hot Snakes, These Arms Are Snakes and virtually any other great band whose name involves snakes (Cobra Starship does not fall under this classification, of course).

What People Are Saying
“In the time it takes to listen to Girlfight's Infinite Carcass, the local hardcore band suggests, any one of the following tasks could be accomplished: Microwave a dinner. Take a quick shower. Watch half an episode of Full House. Listen to one Pink Floyd song.” – Margaret Welsh, Pittsburgh City Paper

“For fans of angular riffs and texture, Cut Teeth sound like they belong in the back catalogs of the best of Jade Tree and Hydra Head.” – Adam Pfleider, absolutepunk.net

Listen to Girlfight EP Defamate HERE.

Listen to and/or download Cut Teeth debut Televandalism (name your price) HERE.

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