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To (Almost) Find Love
A data crunch of Craigslist "missed connections" reveals where we (almost) found love.

Wisconsinites (almost) find love in bars. Surprise, surprise. Dorothy Gambrell researched “missed connections” on Craigslist to find out where these chance (un)encounters were happening on a state-by-state basis. Her results were published in the Jan.-Feb. 2013 issue of Psychology Today with the wonderful title "Missed connections: seen but not spoken to: an atlas of where we're (almost) finding love."

For those uninitiated, “missed connections” is a section of the popular classified advertisement website where people post about meetings that almost happened: a cute bartender that you didn’t get to talk to, that pretty girl sitting across from you on the bus.

Although Wisconsin’s location was downright predictable (a bar), some other states had some relatively amusing ones. The most common place for a missed connection in Indiana was “at home.” It’s probably best not to speculate the rationale behind that one. The 14 states where people were mostly likely to (almost) find love in a Wal Mart is a little frightening. Makes a bar seem downright reasonable.

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