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British Footballers
No, we're not talking about soccer. We're talking about American football British style.

With NFL games making an annual stop in London and rumblings of possibly expanding the league across the pond, Portland artist David Rappoccio decided to give a British makeover to all of the team logos and names, including our beloved Packers.

The infamous gold and green “G” has been replaced by a wedge of cheese (obviously), but it is not worn on the head of a freezing fan in Green Bay. Rappoccio kept it classy by giving the wedge a monocle and a mustache and dubbed the team, “The Frigid Tosspots.”

His “representation of the British Proper Gentleman,” left no logo behind. The Bears became “Jolly Good Biters,” the Lions were, “Whiskery Growly Cats,” and the Vikings, “Uncouth Norsemen,” all with pipes, monocles, mustaches, bowlers and umbrellas.

Packer fans should consider themselves lucky. The alternatives for the Browns were either “Pontificating Poochies,” or, quite simply, “The Loo.”

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