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Silence at the Polls
Maybe some people think it's too cold to vote.
Hey, did you know there's an election today?

Perhaps you didn't. Turnout has been next to nil. According to WisPolitics, which has been checking in with election officials throughout the day, the figures are sliver-thin: 2.5 percent turnout in Madison circa mid-morning, 1 percent in Green Bay, and an estimated 5 or 10 percent in Milwaukee by the time the polls close.

Statewide, there's a three-way primary for state Supreme Court justice -- incumbent Pat Roggensack vs. law professor Ed Fallone of Marquette University vs. lawyer Vince Megna -- with the top two vote-getters advancing to the big dance.

In Milwaukee County, there's another three-way judicial match for county judge. Rebecca Bradley, a Walker appointee, faces Janet Protasiewicz, who was a finalist for the same appointment, according to the Greendale Patch, and Gil Urfer, a Wauwatosa lawyer.

Alex Runner at Purple Wisconsin says he's voting for Bradley even though friends have gasped at the thought of perpetuating a Walker appointment. "They picked a good one in Rebecca," he says.

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