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Morning Links for Feb. 18, 2014
Feminist stock photography, a debate over school start times and more.
Don't let this intro get in the way of you reading links.
  • A group of parents, students and School Board members in Shorewood are questioning school start times. Later is greater, they say.
  • Assembly Republicans are trying to require supermajority votes (two thirds of both houses) written into the state Constitution when it comes to raising taxes.
  • New York magazine's Cut Blog has a bit of inside peek into the competitive world of figure skating. You knew it was competitive, but brace yourself for the sky-high expenses.
  • One woman is taking a feminist eye to the dark art of stock photography. (Milwaukee Magazine uses stock photography regularly, like many magazines and websites.) Pam Grossman, the woman behind the new images and the director of visual trends at Getty Images, says, "Do we think this is the only way to solve the complicated issues about making women and girls more equal? Of course not. There are so many different things that need to happen. But this is what we have the power to do right now."

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