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A Sporting Moment
One high school student’s story reminds you why you love sports.
So much to complain about, right? Multimillion-dollar contracts. Greedy owners. Entitled athletes. It can be hard being a sports fan.

And sometimes, the frustration levels just go off the charts. Poor-effort players. Underperforming teams. Overpriced beers.

There’s the wrong kind of drama. Heartbreaking losses. Devastating injuries. Unfulfilled dreams.

And the sacred level playing field? Too often, too tilted. Bad calls. Performance-enhancing drugs. Cheaters.

So why do you put up with it? Why do you keep watching?

Because along comes Nathan Mitcham, and #NathanGotBuckets.

You’ve never heard of Nathan, because until recently, he was just another high school basketball manager in suburban Tulsa, Okla. I’d never heard of him until the magic of Twitter carried his story across the Internet.

Yeah, gotta love Twitter.

Got some time? Read Nathan’s full backstory, as told by the Tulsa World’s John Hoover, right here. Don’t have time? Bookmark it for later. But here’s the upshot from Hoover. “Nathan is Owasso senior Nathan Mitcham, a manager for the Rams basketball team, a reputedly dead-eye shooter at the local YMCA and an ‘intellectually disabled’ student, his mother says…”

Well, Nathan’s friends wanted to see his shooter’s touch in a game, so they started pushing the idea on Twitter. The #dressNathanout movement went kinda viral. Star Owasso players got involved. Star Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant got involved. Other celebrities got involved. Owasso’s coach climbed aboard. The proper permissions were cleared. The opponents sportingly signed off. And then… well.

Just watch. And just watch again.

One game. Three buckets. Eight points. And an unforgettable career. Just look at the packed house explode. Just look at his peers carrying him off the court.

Hoover, whose Twitter feed first alerted me to the fact that #NathanGotBuckets, has the eyewitness account. Like the backstory, it’s well worth a read.

And in the wake of Nathan’s story, something’s well worth remembering.

It can be rather easy being a sports fan, too.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I tweet as howiemag. And listen to me chat sports with Mitch Teich monthly on WUWM's "Lake Effect."

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