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Win a Free Luxury Yacht Cruise
Live well, travel more with Luxe Travel and Compagnie du Ponant

“Life on Board” a Compagnie du Ponant Luxury Yacht Cruise according to Jacque Salentine Busby of Luxe Travel.

Do you know the difference between cruising and yachting? If you are on a yacht, the captain has the authority to re-route and to experience something special such as a whale migration, stay in the warm sunshine or to share something special like a local festival or culinary specialty. No matter where your yacht cruise takes you, you can be sure it will be memorable.

While the weather in Milwaukee is not golf-friendly yet, select sailings with Compagnie du Ponant feature tours of some of the prestigious and magnificent courses the Mediterranean has to offer. The golf package comes with green fees with shared carts (when possible), return transfers to golf courses, management of clubs and bags at each call, organization and supervision of regular golf programs, and meals on golf sites. Some of the courses are in such exciting locales as Punta Ala, Italy; Bonifacio, Corsica; and Saint Tropez, France.

Luxury Cruises Cater to Families
Cruises aren’t just for singles or couples; they can be a family occasion, too.

Compagnie du Ponant’s ship small navigable size brings families within steps of Antarctic penguins, Eastern Russian walruses, or sea turtles in the Caribbean waters – which kids would love. And cruises provide learning experiences, too. What better way for children – and adults – to discover history than by experiencing it as it comes alive in countries such as Greece, Italy and Croatia.

Don’t worry about cabin fever, either. Compagnie du Ponant organizes plenty of on board activities for youngsters to keep them busy – and let mom and dad relax.

Celebrating 25 Years at Sea
To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Compagnie du Ponant has designed custom themed itineraries featuring music, food, golf and even a once-in-a-lifetime cruise through the Arctic Circle.

Music fans from jazz to musicals, Celtic to classical will delight in themed cruises featuring the exquisite talents of musicians such as Alain Duault and Ruggero Raimondi performing the classics in Venice, the cast of Mamma Mia cruising through Greece, and Cecile Corbel singing Celtic folk pop from Quebec to Boston.

A golf-themed trip will cruise from golf course to gold course on the Mediterranean and offer up a professional golf coach on the route from Nice to Valetta. The Cuisine et Vin from France to Spain includes gala dinners prepared by French Michelin starred chefs. A 22-day voyage from Greenland, through the Northern Territories of Canada and the Bering Strait, to Russia offers views of polar bears and majestic icebergs.

French Cuisine

On board a Compagnie du Ponant yacht cruise, you are sailing cruising “a la française” – the French way of life. Skilled chefs expertly prepare gourmet French and international cuisine, enhancing specialties from the various ports of calls giving you unique and exquisite flavors. On each ship, there are at least two restaurants with open seating as well as a traditional afternoon tea time. Of course, on a French cruise line, expect nothing but the best in fine wine selections, which are included with your cruise. Each elegant restaurant offers panoramic views of the sea and even open-air dining.

Santorini is one of the stops on the cruise.

A trip for two people along the Mediterranean with Compagnie du Ponant Yacht Cruises is up for grabs this winter.

Compagnie du Ponant promotes a unique approach to cruising that you won’t find with other companies, and perhaps the biggest difference lies with its smaller size. With a maximum of only 132 rooms per ship, travelers won’t be exploring with the masses, meaning the staff (which can include your own personal butler service) provides an attentive, intimate and discreet environment.

The smaller vessels also have the chance to venture into locations that larger cruise lines can’t quite reach. This can lead to watching penguins alongside icy mountains in Antarctica, discovering ancient traditions in Asia, encountering early history along the rugged Mediterranean coastline and getting up close and personal with destinations like Madagascar, Greenland and the Maldives.

When the vacationers aren’t soaking up the scenery and culture of the exotic destinations, the cruise offers on-board French-inspired cuisine, indulgent and tranquil personalized spa treatments, and chic yet simple staterooms and suites, where standard-size means king-size.

Click the pink button for your chance to climb aboard for seven nights in luxury. 


L’Adriatique à bord de L’AUSTRAL from Compagnie du Ponant on Vimeo.

Luxe Travel, owned and operated by Jacque Salentine Busby (formerly of Salentine Travel), is a full-service travel agency and luxury lifestyle magazine. Luxe Travel Advisors work with our Virtuoso service partners to provide the best vacations with deluxe accommodations, luxury cruises, authentic cuisine and VIP treatment for you all over the world – it’s not just what we know, it’s who we know.

No trip is too big or too small. Luxe specializes in creating authentic experiences for all types of travelers!  Find us online at http://luxetravel.com or call 1-866-365-TRIP

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