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Hero's Return?
The Navy Seal touted as a hero for killing Osama bin Laden is now without a job or many options.

Esquire's lengthy March cover story on the Seal Team Six member who killed Osama bin Laden also gives a brief mention of Milwaukee. After this Seal team member - dubbed the "Shooter" - retired from the Navy last fall, he recalls the one job option the government offered to help him secure: a witness protection-like program that would have him driving a beer truck in Milwaukee. 

In addition to the harrowing details about the May 2011 raid on bin Laden's compound, the piece includes a call to action to business leaders and the government to help the thousands of veterans, Navy Seals included, find work after their military careers have ended. 

The article links to an interactive graph from a nonprofit news organization called The Bay Citizen, which offers a look at the number of veterans waiting for benefits across the country, including Milwaukee. The data presented in the graph, and updated last week, shows that there are nearly 10,000 veterans in Milwaukee waiting for benefits, and the average wait time for those benefits to kick in is close to six months. 

Image courtesy of Esquire

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