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Morning Links for January 9, 2014
Natural birth control, Wisconsin's "Real World" connection, and a toddler's R-rated tirade.

Yeah, it’s still cold! So, just grab your Snuggie, your beverage of choice, and come fly with us on Morning Links.

  • If you haven’t seen the video of the Omaha, Nebraska, child who “unleashed an R-rated tirade,” according to the NY Daily News, don’t watch it. The little boy, shown wearing only a diaper, has been placed in protective custody.

  • MTV’s “Real World” is celebrating its 29th season. 29th season?? Yahoo TV has been kind enough to assemble this slideshow of “most memorable” Real World” stars. And there is a Wisconsin connection – U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy (Wisconsin's 7th District). He may want to forget his days on “Real World: Boston.”

  • Asparagus makes your urine smell bad. It does. Scientists believe the noxious odor is caused by asparagusic acid. But now, these pretty greenish-purple stalks are in the news for another reason – as a natural form of birth control.

  • Jeepers, I wouldn’t want to be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie right now. Latest news on the George Washington Bridge lane shutdown scandal is the guv will hold a news conference in his office in, well, about two hours.

  • The movie Frozen is the new Disney animated hit. Watch these 4-year-old twin girls belt out the theme song. I dare you to not call this cute. 

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