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Q. Knock & Talk Situations
Civil Rights/Arrest/Police Misconduct Questions
A. The police are at your door. They want to talk to you. They are not there to arrest you. Rather they are there in what they call a “knock & talk.” You still have a right under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution to not make any statements. You need to exercise that right especially at this critical moment. There is two reasons for this. The first is that nothing you say is possibly going to help you and will probably hurt you. The police will twist your statements and generally make you look guilty in whatever report they write up. The second reason is that you are no match for the police. Even if you are resistant to giving a statement they will lie to you about the amount of evidence they have against you. They will claim that other people have implicated you. They may claim that they have video evidence. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right and contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer before making any statements to the police.


Atty. John A. Birdsall
Birdsall Law Offices SC

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