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Board of Exploring
The Public Market installs a new electronic board to guide visitors around town.

Tourism has gone digital at the Milwaukee Public Market. The market installed its newest piece of equipment, the Ettractions Explore Board, on Wednesday.

The interactive touch-screen board allows market visitors to plan their next adventure through Brew City. By selecting the pictures of a number of Milwaukee attractions – including the Harley-Davison Museum, the County Zoo, Lakefront Brewery and the Historic Third Ward – tourists can get directions through Google Maps, send information to their smartphone, and even get ticket or booking information.

Tony Schaitz, an employee for CTM Media Group, which runs the boards, says these are the future of tourism brochures. The company has been distributing brochure displays in hotels and other information destinations for decades, but now, through the Ettractions platform, people can get all of that information digitally, saving space in their own offices, using less paper, and eliminating the risk of messes in hotels from kids making it rain with travel brochures.

The machine will be checked on once a week and frequently updated with new information, says Schaitz. “I want to make sure this thing is going, and I want to see more of them,” he adds. The company wants to install more boards in hotels and visitors areas. The board at the Public Market is the third board in Milwaukee – the other two are at the zoo and the Ambassador hotel.

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