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Top 5 Local Ladies in Beauty and Fashion
The Fashionista picks the women who inspired her the most in 2013.
Last calendar year was yet another big year for Milwaukee fashion in many ways; two of our locals made it all the way to "Project Runway," the introduction of Milwaukee Fashion Week, and fashion charities were bigger and better than ever. There are more instances of Milwaukee inching ever fashionably forward than I can mention. 

I was also honored to meet a lot of new people who are making waves in the Milwaukee fashion and beauty scene. Here are my top five leading ladies:

5. Molly Rasmussen, Blogger, Heart of A Blonde

A 23-year-old style blogger, Molly Rasmussen inspires us a few times a week with her adorable outfits, hair and makeup tips, and well-rounded lifestyle advice. All the photography on her blog is stunning, and I'm not ashamed to say I was hooked from the start and stalk her on all forms of social media. Bonus: Molly is planning her wedding, so her Pinterest-worthy wedding-style photos make me want to renew my vows.

4. Crystal Schreiner, Director/Photographer and Co-Founder at Bast Pictures

This girl kicks butt. She is one of the few female photographers in the pit at New York Fashion Week. If someone steps in front of her near the catwalk, she throws on her highest pair of heels and shoots above them. Needless to say, she makes things happen. She owns a production company with partner Sean Love called Bast Pictures. With work featured in Sports Illustrated, Elle and more, this early 20-something is making Milwaukee proud.

3. Brandis Ohlsson, Agent and Owner of Ohlsson Model Management

Recognizing the Midwest as an untapped source of modeling talent, Brandis started her own talent agency representing print, on-camera and voice-over models. She knows the who's-who in the industry and her advice for aspiring talent is priceless. If she's not busy booking flights for her models around the world, she will occasionally give us a peek inside her hilarious and witty mind in one of my favorite blogs, West of 5th.

2. Danielle Holtzman - Model

She may look familiar to you as she graces the pages of many local magazines, and helps Danny Gokey pick out his famous glasses on the Wisconsin Vision commercials. This mother of four has been modeling for more than 20 years, and continues to do so even after a double mastectomy in 2010, and a oophorectomy in 2012. Her strength and beauty are endlessly inspiring. 

1. Amanda Shallow - Makeup Artist- Naturally You

Just call her your beauty go-to girl. Amanda is available for all types of makeup including airbrush and organic airbrush tanning. She offers makeup lessons at home or in the office, weddings, birthdays, etc., and is making Milwaukee beautiful one face at a time. A huge reason Amanda really stuck out to me is her work with Flashes of Hope. This volunteer-based organization takes portraits of children with cancer to help change the way the children see themselves through photography. The group also raises money for cancer research.

Amanda donates her time and makeup skills to help make the day special for the children and their families. She is beautiful in many ways, and  is someone that has inspired me look at my own career in a different light.

Did someone inspire you? Leave it in the comments.

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