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Reunion of the Year
Pablove Benefit Concert 2014 at Turner Hall Ballroom
Courtesy of Chris Porterfield

The power of Pablove is a curious thing. Makes one man weep and another one sing. Elektra President Jeff Castelaz’s childhood cancer-fighting foundation, begun in honor of son Pablo after he lost his life to the disease, plays up the singing half this month. And while its Jan. 18 benefit concert at Turner Hall Ballroom won’t feature Huey Lewis, its lineup is newsworthy. Perhaps the most heralded aspect involves the reunions of three punk-rock practitioners. The Benjamins, Alligator Gun and Subside all had their moments in the 1990s, and they’re set for another one now. Artists representing the more modern spectrum are Field Report’s Chris Porterfield as well as Vic and Gab. Maybe next time, Huey.

➞ Pablove Benefit Concert 2014 (Jan. 18). Turner Hall Ballroom. 1040 N. Fourth St., 414-286-3663, turnerhallballroom.org.

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