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Morning Links for Jan. 7, 2014
Believe it or not, the world hasn't stopped spinning because of the cold.
And our little fingers haven't stopped typing. Let's get to the news.
  • The Army Corps released a study of solutions to help restrict Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes. The solutions range in cost from relatively nothing to more than $15 billion to build a physical barrier blocking the fish. The Journal Sentinel has the details.
  • Burglars who made off with "nearly every document inside" a Pennsylvania FBI branch in 1971 are now coming clean.
  • Wired has a tidy little gallery of what they deem are the most exciting products coming out of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Think mini drones, a light saber-esque sensor that can tell you why your golf swing is terrible, and a sensor that tracks your sleeping patterns - including breath and movement - and sends the data to your phone.
  • Yesterday Janet Yellen was confirmed chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, making her, according to New York Magazine, the first female head of a "major" central bank.
  • The City of Milwaukee is opening up its home improvement loan program to include these three neighborhoods: Pulaski Park, St. Joseph and Martin Drive. The loan program provides homeowners up to $30,000 in loans - half of which can be forgiven if the homeowner stays in the home for five additional years. Urban Milwaukee has the report.

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