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Lake Life
Dark Blue: The Water as Protagonist and Perimeter at the Haggerty Museum of Art Jan. 16-May 19

Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki from his “Perimeter” exhibit

Climate change, an increasing population and pollution will create global water shortages in the decades ahead. But perhaps we feel more secure here in the Midwest, snuggled beside the sixth-largest lake in the world. Local artist Kevin Miyazaki was commissioned by the Haggerty Museum of Art to take the pulse of this relationship. He drove the 1,800-mile perimeter of Lake Michigan for two weeks, and against a black velvet backdrop, he recorded the people who live, work and play near the shoreline. Some 100 images will be on display at two concurrent exhibits – Miyazaki’s portraits in “Perimeter,” and his floor-to-ceiling water pictures in “Dark Blue: The Water as Protagonist.” The work of 30 national photographers, including Gregory Crewdson and Diane Arbus, will also explore aquatic themes.

→ Dark Blue: The Water as Protagonist (Jan. 16-May 19). Perimeter (Jan. 16-May 19). Haggerty Museum of Art. 530 N. 13th St., 414-288-1669, marquette.edu/haggerty.

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