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How the World Began at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater Jan. 16-Feb. 24

It didn’t take long for Catherine Treischmann’s play, How the World Began, to sweep the theater world. Since its Los Angeles debut 15 months ago, the piece has been staged in New York, London and a few regional theaters. Its international popularity is no coincidence. The play tackles one of America’s most divisive issues – the conflict between religious belief and science – with a sense of grace and compassion. As the Guardian newspaper wrote of the London production, it speaks contrary to the idea that “as soon as we hear the belief, we cease to see the person.” Quite appropriate for this impulsive digital era.
How the World Began (Jan. 16-Feb. 24). Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Steimke Studio. 108 E. Wells St., 414-224-9490, milwaukeerep.com.

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