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El Cimarrón at Broadway Theatre Center
Runs Jan. 3-12.

Courtesy of Starlight Theatre

It’s not a household title like Les Misérables, but El Cimarrón may be the most interesting work in Skylight Music Theatre’s season. The title refers to Cuban slang for slaves, and the piece tells the story of Esteban Montejo, an escaped slave who lived to see the rise of Fidel Castro. Hans Werner Henze called his 1970 work a “recital for four musicians,” but it has been staged over the years by some of the world’s most innovative directors. For this production, Viswa Subbaraman tapped Greek director Eugenia Arsenis, who has directed regularly at New York City’s Center for Contemporary Opera, which will also host the production. Eric McKeever plays the title role. 

El Cimarrón (Jan. 3-12). Broadway Theatre Center. Studio Theatre. 158 N. Broadway, 414-291-7800, skylightmusictheatre.org.

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