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Cut Lines for Jan. 3, 2014
We're back!
After a long holiday hiatus, our weekly Cut Lines roundup is back. So let's waste no time with pleasantries and get to the news. 
  • New Third Ward apparel and accessories boutique Stella's Trunk opened shortly before the holidays in what was once the Downtown Flirt location.
  • Another surprise: Coach's clothing line is also getting some positive attention.
  • Local boutique Flagship is combing art with its wares in honor of gallery night on Jan. 18. Gallery night will run from Jan. 17-18.
  • A young designer on my radar: Vancouver-born Eliza Faulkner. A 2008 Central St. Martins grad, Faulkner is  gaining acclaim for her use of ethically produced fabrics in her ladylike collections. And who can tell me she doesn't this perfect summer dress? The girl can work wonders with pleats.
  • Inner ear tattoos. Chew on that for a minute. I'd never heard of these until I came across the story in the NYT's Styles section, a section whose trend stories have been so derided they've earned themselves a parody Twitter account. But in this case, the Times is on it. Do you  have one? Have you seen one, like this woman's inner-ear cobweb? Leave it in the comments.
Have a fashion tip? The scoop on a local designer? Email me at claire.hanan@milwaukeemag.com or tweet @cchanan.

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