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I’ll Drink to That
Milwaukee named third drunkest city of 2012.

It was a year to remember. Or maybe not, if you’re one of the nearly 20 percent of Milwaukeeans who are classified as binge drinkers.

The Daily Beast recently released its 2012 list of the 25 drunkest cities in America and not surprisingly, Brew City is on the podium.

The rankings are based on three categories of information gathered by market researcher Experian Marketing Services and pulled from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Milwaukee’s third-place stats are as follows:

 Average number of alcoholic drinks consumed per adult each month: 15.2. Percentage of population classified as binge drinkers: 18.9 percent. Percentage of population classified as heavy drinkers: 6.7 percent.

Representing the East Coast with a whopping binge drinking rate of 20.1 percent, Boston took the crown, edging out second-place finisher Norfolk, Va., by a few cases of Sam Adams.

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