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What Baby Wants
Baby Wants Candy at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center on Feb. 8
Photo courtesy of Baby Wants Candy

It started as a lark in Chicago in 1998 with a name nobody thought would stick. But after performing 2,000-plus shows around the globe, the long-form improv troupe Baby Wants Candy puts bloated Broadway musicals to shame. The premise? An audience member shouts out the title of a show and the quick-witted performers (some of whom have gone on to gigs at “Saturday Night Live” or “The Daily Show”) stage an hourlong musical based on that suggestion. It’s a chance to share a few laughs and witness history in the making since shows like Nobody Puts Baby Jesus in the Corner The Musical! will never again grace the stage. 

Baby Wants Candy (Feb. 8). South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. 901 15th Ave., South Milwaukee, 414-766-5049, southmilwaukeepac.org.

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