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Vocal Locals
Indie MKE2 CD Release Concert on Feb. 19 at Turner Hall Ballroom

Photo of Annie B & the Complication by James Conway

What does Milwaukee sound like? A group of artists is trying to define that – and spread the gospel of Milwaukee-made tunes with the release of Indie MKE2. The album includes tracks from Trapper Schoepp & the Shades, Semi-Twang, Grace Weber, De La Buena, Kane Place Record Club, and I’m Not A Pilot. The accompanying release show features Semi-Twang; John Sieger and Greg Koch; Annie B & The Complication; Panalure; and Crooked Keys. One of the standouts on the album is a previously unreleased track by Grace Weber, who lends her soulful voice to the endeavor. The event will serve as a low-stakes sampler platter of local sounds, where you’re almost guaranteed to find something you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Indie MKE2 CD Release Concert (Feb. 19). Turner Hall Ballroom. 1040 N. Fourth St., 414-286-3663, turnerhall.org.

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