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Folk Lord
Eleni Mandell at Shank Hall on Feb. 15
Photo by Laura Heffington

While other touring artists might opt to travel with a gang of lascivious groupies, Eleni Mandell chooses instead to hit the road with her two small children. Mandell’s latest album, Let’s Fly a Kite, released at the end of January, is partially a celebration of motherhood on her own terms. With deep, sweet vocals and frank wit, Mandell’s work bears a striking resemblance to that of fellow California folk-rocker Jenny Lewis. Not afraid to write about deeply personal topics, Mandell saw significant exposure in 2012 after her aptly titled track “Bun in the Oven” appeared in an episode of Fox’s “New Girl.”

Eleni Mandell (Feb. 15). Shank Hall. 1434 N. Farwell Ave., 414-276-7288, shankhall.com.

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