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Drawings in the Sand
Collection Focus: Sergei Isupov at the Racine Art Museum

The Renaissance masters spent a fair amount of time squabbling about the superiority of painting over sculpture, and vice versa. But Russian-born artist Sergei Isupov offers an eloquent, unconventional answer to the debate: a combination of both. Isupov overlays his clay sculptures with complex 2-D drawings, which in turn provide an engaging counterpoint to the 3-D object. Educated in Eastern Europe during Soviet rule, Isupov’s art is at once surreal, observational and autobiographical. His solo exhibit will feature more than 30 of his works in clay and on paper.

Collection Focus: Sergei Isupov (Feb. 23-June 8). Racine Art Museum. 441 Main St., Racine, 262-638-8300, ramart.org.

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