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Top Dentists 2014
This talented field of dedicated dentists may save more than just your teeth.

Dental care today reaches far beyond the mouth. Dentists are consistently screening for more than just cavities and tooth decay. They’re disease detectives, serving on the front lines of prevention of numerous ailments, from cancer to diabetes or even depression. Many of them are also focused on helping the underprivileged, regularly reaching out to ensure disadvantaged communities get the services they need. 

And they’ve also earned the respect of their peers and the loyalty of their patients. For our latest installment of Milwaukee’s Top Dentists, we reached out to more than 1,000 dental professionals to discover the dentists who give us a reason to smile. From specialties to general dentistry, the professionals found in these pages truly are Milwaukee’s “Top Dentists.” 

Dentists: Your Health’s First Line of Defense
Serving the Underserved 

See the list of Top Dentists in our print issue.

This article appears in the February 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine.
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