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Where's Waldo's Shadow?
The Waukesha critter returns again to determine spring's punctuality.

Poor Waldo has a troubled past. After being rescued as a youth, he spent some time in rehab with health problems and became completely dependent on his caregivers. Luckily, Waldo was a charmer and won over many hearts in Waukesha, where he rose to fame for his method of predicting the Wisconsin weather and his role as a wonderful educator.

But how does the star do it? Quite simply, he sticks his head outside of his house and looks for a shadow.

Waldo (last name: The Woodchuck) has been the star of Waukesha’s Wildlife In Need Center’s Groundhog Day festivities for the past four years. This year the community is invited to join in for the Milwaukee Groundhog Club’s 104th anniversary. A 15-minute ceremony will kick off the celebration, as Waldo emerges at 10 a.m. to reveal whether or not winter will stay. Afterward, the community will get a chance to meet the furry little guy and his fellow WINC educational ambassadors. 

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POSTED 1/12/2015