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Morning Links for Dec. 9, 2013
Snow-snarled traffic, a Packers' win and more.
These morning links should warm you up after what we can only assume was a long and cold commute.

  • Yesterday's snow made the journey difficult for drivers that ventured out. There were 53 crashes in Milwaukee County alone. One crash, in Racine County, shut down one direction of I-94 for seven hours and injured dozens of people, including likely gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Vinehout.
  • The snow didn't hinder the Packers, who got their first win since Aaron Rodgers was injured.

  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had battled some big opponents during his time in office: tobacco, soda. In his last few days in office, he's leading the fight against plastic foam take-out containers.
  • Mayor Tom Barrett was hospitalized overnight after completing a 20-km run on Sunday while celebrating his 60th birthday.

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