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Set in Stone Fox
A full-service salon with an emphasis on organic.

Images courtesy of Stone Fox Salon.

As soon as I opened the door the new Stone Fox Salon (2430 N. Murray Ave.), I was greeted with a burst of excitement by owners Jackie and Dan Mickelsen. I felt immediately at home, and there wasn't a trace of stuffiness.The salon itself is very open and clean. Grey walls with pops of neon colors were the perfect blend of calm and creative. As they showed me around their space, I was delighted to see their product lines: Zoya nail polish, Neuma and Beverly Hills hair products. As we walked passed their hair color, Jackie pointed out that it was certified organic. Now, that's something we don't hear every day.

What is "certified organic" hair color? While all organic product claims have to be 100 percent from nature, "certified organic" color gets as close to organic as possible, while still delivering long lasting results and 100 percent grey coverage.

The only all-organic hair color is henna, which is a plant stain that cannot cover all those pesky greys. Why? Its lack of ammonia - the ingredient needed to lighten the hair just enough to let all those little dye molecules in to cover grey completely. 

Stone Fox Salon uses the color line All-Nutrient, which is void of parabens, as well as being sulfate and gluten free. 

Along with leading the way to healthier hair color, Stone Fox Salon also prides themselves on carrying natural hair care lines such as Neuma, which is free from synthetic fragrances and other toxic ingredients commonly found in hair care products. The polish line they carry, Zoya, also has similar health benefits, as it's free of common toxins. 

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