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Redistricting Revealed
Analysis shows how much the decennial process favored Republicans.
Just how far the state GOP went in re-drawing legislative boundaries in Wisconsin to favor Republicans hasn't been the clearest -- Pundits pointed to the new districts in November after the State Senate went from blue back to red, and the Assembly remained deeply crimson, even as voters endorsed Barack Obama for president and sent Tammy Baldwin to the U.S. Senate.

Clarity on the shift has been hard to pin down, but a new analysis of election results from the Wisconsin Center for Investigate Journalism is certainly enlightening. The center found a wide disparity between actual votes cast in favor of Democrats or Republicans, and the number of seats those votes resulted in.

In Assembly races, Democratic candidates won 53.1 percent of votes but only 37.5 percent of contested seats. In the State Senate, Dems won 54 percent of votes but only 50 percent of seats. In Congressional races, the figures for Dems were 50.8 percent and just 37.5 percent.

Races in Milwaukee and Dane counties that heavily favored Democrats may have driven up the party's share of the statewide "popular vote," but it's hard to imagine Republicans didn't get their own numbers from running up the score similarly in Waukesha County and elsewhere.

For the center's complete analysis, go here.

(illustration by Adrian Palomo)

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