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Lifting the Veil
Bay View's LuLu is ready to show off its "new" cafe.

Photo by Erika Kent

A New Side of LuLu

It’s just not LuLu Café & Bar without the A-Side. If you think of the one-time George Webb’s, lunch-counter part of the address (2265 S. Howell Ave.) as the A-Side, the bar (at adjacent 2261) is the heavily mojo-ed, high-ceiling B-Side. After going on 12 years, the ladies who own LuLu put the A-Side through a reno. That half of the space has been closed since mid-October, but the curtain is about to be raised – on Friday (Dec. 7). The renovated space – which the owners are calling the LuLu Lounge – has a bunch of cool new crafted pieces, made by a local company called WILO Design Farm. Custom tables, a front and back bar, and service station. Above is a shot of the new bar. The reno-ed space will give LuLu a space for private parties. But when not booked for parties and such, the space will be open for dining. Same hours as the B-Side: Mon-Sat from 11 a.m.; Sun from 10 a.m. (414-294-5858)

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