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Community Collections
New exhibition provides personal look at Milwaukee’s Jewish community.

Images courtesy of the Jewish Museum Milwaukee.
Looking to delve deeper into the private passions of some of the most interesting members of Milwaukee’s Jewish community? Starting Dec. 16, Jewish Museum Milwaukee’s "Revealed: Private Collections from the Jewish Community" will bring unique collections of everything from Chinese snuff bottles to outsider artwork into the public eye – many of which are on display for the very first time.

The exhibition showcases collections of fine art, hidden treasures, Judaica and more - all loaned by members of Milwaukee’s Jewish community. Paintings from nationally-recognized realist David Lenz, blown glass by the "father of American studio glass,” Madison’s Harvey Littleton, and images of 200 Wisconsin railroad depots are just a few of the 18 wide-ranging collections in the lineup.

And the items on display will not be the only source of insight. With a quick pass of your smartphone’s camera, interactive QR codes will bring the collectors to life as they tell the stories of their collections through both audio and video features.

The exhibition will run through Feb. 28, 2013, and a series of accompanying special programs are also planned. Admission is $6 for adults.

Visit www.jewishmilwaukee.org for more information. 

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