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Milwaukee's Vintage Style Scene
A Q&A with a local stylist who's got an eye for vintage.

Her name is Sheila Teruty. I remember the first time I saw her, she was standing calmly at local art gallery Redline prepping her model to walk down the runway wearing a piece of art. Teruty has such a pretty and unique look to her that I began staring at her until both of us were uncomfortable. My bad. 

Teruty is a jack of all trades in the local fashion industry; she's a wardrobe stylist for Ford models, has her own vintage fashion line, and just recently put on a fashion show dubbed "So Passé Femme Adorn III: A Vintage Fashion Show."

Let's get to know this local fashion star a little better.

Fashionista: Tell us a little bit about your background.

Sheila Teruty: I grew up all over the Chicagoland area but moved to Wisconsin to go to school at Alverno College. I got my B.A. in interactive media design, which has nothing to do with fashion but definitely helps me in a business sense. I got involved with fashion through vintage clothing; photographing it and selling it, which turned into coordinating elaborate photo shoots, which turned into focusing on wardrobe rather than photographing and styling, which turned into testing an outrageous amount and networking a lot, which got me signed with Ford (as an assistant fashion stylist), so now I'm just gaining as much experience as I can by styling a lot on the side and assisting. 

F:  Where do you find all your great vintage pieces for your line So Passé?

ST: To find really unique pieces, I get more creative than just thrifting all the time, which is fun, but can get a bit time consuming to handpick each piece that way. I find other avenues such as garage and estate sales or buying in bulk when I can find the right seller. 

F: Where is your collection sold?

ST: All my vintage is sold online in my Etsy shop. Or more recently at Cocoon Room, a vintage boutique/art gallery that myself and two of my friends, Amanda Mills and Rachel Buth, recently opened in Riverwest. It's located at 820 E Locust St. and our hours are Thursday and Friday 5-9 p.m. and Saturdays 12-6 p.m. We have some of the best vintage in Milwaukee from So PasséSunshine Acid Designs and Brown Cow Vintage.

F: How did you feel about your show?

ST: The show was really fun and I am pleased with the results. This is the third show I have produced and I always have a great time planning everything. It's an intense process that I miss once it's over. I can't wait for the next one!

I can't thank our makeup artists and hair stylists enough, which include Nola Kahn, Jen Bruder, Lauryn Molter, Krystal Danielle, Alex Chili Jankowski, and Anna and Leslie of Deriah Salon.

The vintage collectors, Maggie Solveson of BrownCowVintage, Amanda Mills of Sunshine Acid Designs, Keaira Monique of Luxx Boutique, and Michelle Eigenberger of Bolted Vintage and all of our amazing models. Volunteers Natasha Coe, Angela Valeri, Zoraida Rivera, and Saebra Laken. Then of course everyone who came to watch the show and filled the seats!

F: What are you goals for the future?

ST: I really want to keep pursuing indie fashion on the side, including buying, selling, curating and showing vintage fashion. But primarily, my goal is to continue pursuing wardrobe styling, which may require me to move out of Milwaukee. But I'm ambitious and I'm more than willing to go where my career leads. 

Photos by Jon Syverson at the So Passé Vintage Adorn III fashion show.

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