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Morning Links for Dec. 5, 2013
Cursing cops, docs doing drugs, actor Paul Walker, and the booze that should have stayed outlawed.
Hey, we don't have heat in our office! So, as I blow on my fingers, I offer you this toasty edition of Morning Links:

  • Cursing at a busload of kids? Cops, no less. This went down in Georgia. Some kids were acting unruly on a school bus. The driver warned the kids to pipe down or she would call the police. When she did, the cops unloaded on them with some inappropriate language. Now those cops are in hot water.

  • According to Fox News, substance abuse is on the rise in anesthesiology residents. The drugs of choice included alcohol and hypnotic drugs such as benzodiazepines.

  • Speaking of substance abuse, today is Repeal Day. On this day in 1933, the U.S. government repealed Prohibition. In honor of said day, the Huff Post has a list of five liquors it wishes were still outlawed. Like flavored vodka…

  • Hey, science buffs. A human leg bone found in a Spanish cave is making scientists question their earlier views on evolution. Here’s why:

  • Last weekend, Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker was killed in a fiery car crash. Universal Studios released a tribute video, which promptly went viral. Watch it.

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