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Getting Swirled at YoMama
No need to stir your toppings into your froyo. Not with the handy-dandy Swirly machine.

                                             A pre-Swirly specimen from YoMama

We live in a cold clime, but it doesn’t mean that frozen treats should go on hiatus. Just ask my coworkers during deadline week… Heck, just ask me! And pass me that extra-large froyo cup size, while you’re at it. You like to pile the toppings on your froyo -- make it all colorful, gummy and fruity, as in the above? Don't stop there. Once you've gotten your yo, and the yo has its headdress of toppings, you step up to the counter, as usual, to have your creation weighed. Well, don't stop there, my friends. When you visit YoMama! (locations in Shorewood, Tosa and Brookfield), you can add a pivotal next step before weighing and paying -- The Swirly! You just give your cup to the staffer behind the counter and he or she will put your creation through the Swirly machine. No more stirring and squishing things around with a spoon!    

Do me a flavor, will you? Follow me on Twitter: @ann_christenson

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