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Snowy Roads, Dog Fights and Chemical Plants
Temple chronicles its winter tour.

Last year, we introduced you to Temple, a Milwaukee-Madison post-punk band that grabbed our attention with its great debut, The Conscience Of The King (download it now!). This year, Temple guys took its Wisconsin-tested 2013 material on the road shortly after new year, as they struck out on a 17-day tour that found them playing 12 shows – and having two cancelled on account of weather – in 10 states.

Temple guitarist John Larkin was kind enough to pen an exceptionally informative and well-written account of the experience. Unfortunately, 17 days worth of diary entries requires a lot of words. You can read the diary in its entirety on the next page, but here are some of our favorite segments.

Day 1: Rockford, IL
“It was freezing cold in the basement – I wore everything I had on outside – so between the first two acts, I started to go upstairs to warm up but was stopped saying that there was just a naked guy meandering between everyone. It was only 9 o’clock so I didn’t think anyone would be that drunk yet. Anyways, it turned out that he was just insane or something. He was showing off his self-inflicted scars and had Charles Manson’s face tattooed on his arm.”

Day 3: Champaign, IL
“The temperature has dropped in the double digit negatives, not to mention the intense wind chill that pushed gusts perpendicularly across the direction we were driving. It was slow going. The van does not have any traction as I found out when, idling through the parking lot, we almost slid into a parked car. We are carrying a lot of weight and our tires are bald. As we continued on, we saw hundreds of orange-tagged cars buried in snowdrifts.”

Day 5: Little Rock, AK
“After awaking to fighting pitbulls in the backyard of the house we were crashing at, we headed to Little Rock. Six hours later, we arrived at the venue, Vino’s Pizza and found that it had been double-booked with some basketball team fundraiser thing. Luckily, we just had to wait till later to start and got free pizza and a few beers.

A hardcore band, Lifer, kicked the night off in a big way. The crowd wasn’t huge but everyone was so psyched and we played one of our best sets of the whole tour. Nouns finished off the night and we went over to their place to hang out/crash. The place they live in used to be a dentist office and there was one of those flexible overhead lights still fixed to the ceiling over the room we slept in.”

Day 6: Shreveport, LA
“Shreveport felt like what I imagine Las Vegas feels like. There were a bunch of brightly lit casinos and we ran into a way drunk lady at the bar before the show who had gotten kicked out of another bar and then got kicked out of the one we were playing. She kept trying to buy us shots. This was at 8 o’clock.“

Day 8: San Antonio, TX
“We decided to go a bit out of the way to see the Gulf of Mexico the next day and it was totally worth it. We drove through miles of desolate industrial chemical processing plant wastelands to the ocean, which was strange to see. I didn’t know that kind of thing existed, nor that there would be so much of it. We got to the beach and found that no one else was walking around it. Everyone just sat in their cars, possibly avoiding some kind of chemical runoff that we didn’t know about.”

Day 9: Austin, TX
“The show was in a bit of a sketchy area. We got offered crack a few times and saw some “deals” or whatever go down. Apparently, a few months prior the building next door was raided by the DEA.”

Day 16: Chicago, IL
“We hurried our gear in and I was told we had to move the van so I went to find parking. After about fifteen minutes of circling around, I found a spot far away and sprinted back. My stuff had been set up and we played right away, which really sucked. In my haste I couldn’t remember where I had parked either so I spent a good 45 minutes walking around looking after. Scowler and Life in Vacuum both killed it and we decided to head home, stopping for one last late-night Taco Bell meal. When I got to my house I tried to open my door with the van key. It’s hard to believe tour’s over.”

Do yourself a favor a read the rest, then do yourself an even bigger favor and download Temple’s album (pay-what-you-want).

Rockford house graffiti

treacherous roads

dental office remnants

Myles on a bridge

Shreveport lights

chemical plants/Gulf of Mexico

chemical plants/Gulf of Mexico

Temple remembers the Alamo. (Left to right: Myles, Cassidy, Jamie, John)

John plays with dogs



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