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Morning Links for Jan. 23, 2014
Justin Bieber's arrest, the Captain and Tennille's split, and the pontiff's prophetic words.
Morning Links can thaw the most frozen of cold days. It's like a space heater for the soul.

  • Biebs, you should know better! Justin Bieber was pulled over last night for drag racing. The Biebs was driving a rented Lamborghini and had a female passenger in the car. He was given a field sobriety test, and sadly, he failed it. 

  • In one of the most shocking splits ever, the Captain and Tennille have announced they’re divorcing after 39 years of marriage. This is the couple that penned the song “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Apparently it won’t.

  • Who doesn’t love an Oreo? Come on. Dunked in milk, split in half so you can lick the filling out? The makers of Oreo cookies have announced two new flavors – marshmallow crispy and cookie dough.

  • In a statement released by the Vatican, Pope Francis is calling the Internet a “gift from God.”

  • Here’s another reason you might want to cut back your consumption of soda. Consumer Reports detected doses of a certain carcinogen in the caramel-colored beverages it tested. An amount that exceeded warning labels on the beverages.

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