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Milwaukee Fashion Week Fail
Any Takers?

(Main Image 9.44.45)

Back in 2008 our local fashion scene was a buzz over it's first official Milwaukee Fashion Week, set to take place October 3-6 2008. Embarrassingly it was canceled just a day before launch, while organizers pointed fingers in every which direction over who was to blame.

In a story written by TMJ4 (read here http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/45732717.html?lc=Smart ) in which Boutique B'lou owner Barbara Berg tells reporters that venues were not booked by promoters, models were never hired, and sponsors were never sponsors. Shortly after the story on TMJ4 aired, a conflicting blog was written by the other side of Milwaukee Fashion Week, Hillary Fry which stated "The answer to why Milwaukee Fashion Week was cancelled is due to the actions and unfulfilled financial sponsorship by Barb Berg of Boutique B’lou. Yes, I also bear some responsibility, but the main reason MFW was cancelled is that Barb Berg sought to see the event did not go on after she did not fulfill her commitment." See full article here (insert link: http://milwaukeefashionweek.blogspot.com ) Whomever is to blame, you decide. 

The real reason I'm bringing this up is a call to action. Do we have any takers to organize Milwaukee's first official fashion week, without the flop? We have many talented designers located in Milwaukee, such as Timothy Westbrook, Kelvin Haydon, Dan Eberhardt and more that have what it takes to put on an amazing show with home-grown designs. We have many salons and schools with emerging artists that are itching to showcase their skills (check out emerging editorial artist Nola Kahn). After all, New York Fashion week was started with a small idea, tents, and sponsors that believed in their community. For anyone looking to tackle this feat, I suggest you watch the documentary The Tents (link: http://www.thetentsmovie.com ) for a bit of inspiration. Ready? Set. Go.

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