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Cash, Cologne and Precious Metal
Young Holidays melds those three elements in its new EP, Rose Gold

Cash, cologne and precious metals are not exactly the things you think of when you think of “indie music.” And yet, on its new EP, Young Holidays successfully joins those things: the sights (and sounds) of club culture with garage rock grit for three tracks that take a lo-fi approach to electropop.  

If Holidays’ 2012 self-titled debut bore traces of dance and electro, Rose Gold more fully embraces those genres, evident in the blown-out disco of “Polo Black” and the skittish beat of “Sugar Rush.” But the electronics are balanced with furious, sometimes sloppy live instrumentation, allowing the band’s noise pop fixation to come through in odd, loveable ways: the twin electric guitars that wind their way through the middle of “Sugar Rush” with numerous false starts and off notes that remind us life’s not always a party. No one knows that better than chief songwriter Max Holiday, who swings freely between introspective loner and hopped-up party boy, and whose confessional, sometimes comically vain lyrics (I’ve been doing okay/ Bought myself flowers today”) are highlights. Unfortunately, Rose Gold clocks in at a mere eleven minutes, feeling a lot like the sugar rush Holiday sings about. Still, it is a short and sweet release from a young band that continues to experiment with a refreshing cache of imagery and sounds.

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