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And Now For Something Completely Different
Sort of

For those of you still reading this little blog, even with my inconsistent posting, yay for me (and you). I’ve decided to make some changes for the short term because I’ve struggled with new topics. At this stage, I’m still querying The Cake Effect, and I’m still flushing out an outline for No. 2. As it turns out, I’m not so good at writing a novel without a complete outline. So I’m working on that. Unfortunately, all of that was delayed by the holidays, vacation, and the general snotty, winter sickness.

With that behind me and the entire year of 2013 ahead of me, my thoughts turned to blog topics. While I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts on outlines and story development, I wanted something that wasn’t dependent on a new idea each week. In other words, I needed a little help. 

And then it came to me, or more specifically, I tripped over it. My to-be-read pile of books on the floor of my office. It has gotten out of control. *LIGHTBULB* How about I read a book a week, then blog about what I learned from it as a writer? This solves three problems. One: I have a built in excuse to plow through my books. Two: I have a never ending supply of blog topics. And three: I’m getting a world-class education in good and bad writing. 

So, dear reader, that’s the plan. Each week, I’ll read a book (or series), then blog about what it taught me as a writer.

Next week, I’ll talk about what I learned from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series. 

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