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Morning Links for Dec. 30, 2013
Stay inside and read about the weather instead.
Hot links, cold weather. Stay warm and read.

  • “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts publically acknowledged for the first time that she’s gay in a thank you note to fans, friends and family for their support during her battle with cancer and recent illness.
  • The Packers season is miraculously still alive thanks to a last minute touchdown connection during yesterday’s game. The Pack will host the 49ers on Sunday.
  • It’s cold. Dangerously cold, in fact. There’s a wind chill advisory in effect until noon today.
  • Just weeks before the winter Olympic Games are set to begin in Sochi, a second bomb blast ripped through Russia, wounding almost 30 people. On Sunday, 17 people were killed and 35 wounded in a bomb blast at a crowded train station.

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