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Top 10 Picks for November 2013
Featured Tweets and songs, new music and music videos and much, much more.

10. A.V. Club Milwaukee will shut down.


The local arts and culture website will go dark Dec. 12, taking with it a bottomless cache of stories and updates on local arts, music and sports, as well as a running tab on every online listicle touting Milwaukee as one of America's [insert adjective here] cities. To visit the site was to glimpse Milwaukee's hyper-local collective unconscious, crawling with fresh musings on The Milverine, McDonald's drug fronts and mustache salesman alongside album reviews and an always-helpful events calendar. Needless to say, A.V. Club Milwaukee will be missed.  


9. Jaill Tweet featured on Comedy Central.


A Tweet by Milwaukee's Jaill was featured on the Comedy Central panel show @midnight, during a segment called "#Stoned, #Drunk or #Pregnant." To see which of those categories Jaill's Tweet falls under, check out the entire clip below. 




8. Heartthrob won't break up, after all.


Contrary to earlier reports, beloved pop four-piece Heartthrob will not break up, according to an interview with frontman Scott Anderson conducted by the mysterious Bonnie No How. In the interview, Anderson puts to rest the ambiguous rumor that Heartthrob's Nov. 14 show at Riverwest Public House would be its last, and also reveals that the band is working on a new record. 


7. Delphines song featured on an episode of "The League."


The local four-piece had its song "Uptown Lover" featured in the Nov. 13 episode of "The League" on FX. I'm not sure where this streetwise noise pop nugget fits into a show about white guys obsessed with fantasy football, but we're happy it was in there. 


6. Eric & Magill video for "Baggage and Clothes" premieres on Rolling Stone


The black-and-white mini-noir centers around a mysterious briefcase, a pair of hip young cons, and a winking priest, and (not surprisingly) ends up being a bit of a head-scratcher. Luckily, the catchy "Baggage and Clothes" is a song you won't mind hearing over and over as you attempt to crack the code. The video enjoyed a prestigious premiere at Rolling Stone on Nov. 21.  


5. Like Like The The The Death release bizarre music video for "Here Comes Irregular."


A diaper-clad man with his head screwed on backwards explores a small farm. And that's about all you need to know. 



4. Midnight Reruns and Faux Fir release new albums.


I feel like I waited for the Midnight Reruns album for years, and when it finally came out this month, it proved to be just as good – maybe better – than I imagined it could be. It makes a strong case for the Reruns as Milwaukee's rock-heir-apparent (if not its de facto king). The album is a slick batch of tight, no-nonsense power pop in the vein of Weezer and Squeeze, jammed with hooks and riffs and a perfect amount of hungover, post-high school angst. Faux Fir's Fashionable Life was also hotly anticipated after having its release date pushed back due to vinyl issues. The glamorous, synth-heavy album sounds almost too immaculate to be man-made, with rhythms and melodies as polished and clear as if they'd been chiseled out of ice 300 years in the future. Check out the new video for single "Failure Prose" below.




3. The Whiskeybelles release Christmas album. 


The country trio puts a bow on Nothin' Says Christmas Like Whiskey - an album of Yuletide favorites and one original - just in time for the holidays. Songs given the group's harmony-heavy country/bluegrass treatment include classics like "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and "I Want a Hippopatomus For Christmas" along with more contemporary hits, like Joni Mitchell's "River" and John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)." The band celebrated the album's release at Club Garibaldi Saturday with The Doghouse Flowers and Chicken Wire Empire.


2. Klassik releases new song/music video, readies new LP.


Klassik rocks a tux in the classy new video for "Boogie," a luxurious, Jackson 5-sampling cut from the rapper's upcoming LP YRP (Young Rising Phenom), out in December. The video was created by Mark Gage of Milwaukee creative group Daily Dopeness.



1. Call Me Lightning releases new song: "Now We Have Begun."


"Now We Have Begun" is the first song from the Milwaukee legends since 2010's When I Am Gone My Blood Will Be Free, an album that lived up to the band's Who-cribbing name. "Now We Have Begun" is a triumphant return – a raw slice of pumped-up Brit invasion rock, full of snarling guitar and fierce, tom-riddled drumming. It is the first cut from Human Hell, out Feb. 1 on Minneapolis label 25 Diamonds.  

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