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Rory “Milo” Ferreira
Renaissance Rapper. A poem by Dasha Kelly

Curiosity summons 
his attention/
in low, throaty moans. Serenades/
his intellect in the key of universal unknowns/ 
Unanswerable questions be his Siren song/

“I wasn’t thinking about the future”/
The future met him halfway/
Between baccalaureate and banality/
Timelessness and tragedy/
A drowning/
“That moment demanded a response from me. 
I started to write.”/
Infused his tunes with far-reaching influences and voices/
Frank O’Hara. Jean 
Dubuffet. Nietzsche. Pokémon. Wile E. Coyote./
“Art rap is not afraid to make fun of itself./
People love it. People hate it. There’s a utility of being weird.”/
He wields more questions than answers/
Favors culture over fashion/
“I don’t make disposable music.”/

He honors the hands that helped mold him/
Pioneers who showed him how to fold the/ 
galaxy into his back pocket/
More young than man/
Less cult than family clan/
He takes the gifts as 
they come/
“This is crazy; I get to rap. I’m blessed that people even care.”/
Three new projects to drop early next year/
“I don’t listen to a project once it’s done. Focus on making new music”/
Mix tapes and stages/
Studio booths and fan bases/
Forbes, MTV, LA Weekly/
The world is beginning to listen

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