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Friday Five for Dec. 20
Carols from the Black Lagoon.

Home for the holidays.

Well, maybe home. Maybe away at someone else’s home. Maybe stuck on an airport lounge bench, in a Greyhound seat on a congested highway, or sitting across the DC-10 aisle from that 30-something financial analyst who can’t stop twitching because Troy the airline attendant made him put away his cell phone. If you are home, probably you have plans. The tickets to The Nutcracker are on the hallway bulletin board, or you know that a bevy of Oscar contender films are coming out, and your ad hoc movie club has a screening time and a post-show bar already picked out.

And those plans have been made for a while. In other words, there are only a few things on the horizon this week. Which is OK, because there is plenty of stuff out there already. See my older columns and reviews for tips on those last minute plans. Or try one of these.

The Creature from the Black, Black Lagoon at Off the Wall Theatre

Why? Because in Milwaukee, only Dale Gutzman would think to create a musical out of the b-horror classic about an Amazon lizard man who falls in love with an explorer’s assistant. And only Gutzman would call it the “Perfect Holiday Show.” The show promises intrigue, adventure, songs, and, of course, “passionate jungle sex.” OTW squeezes in a special holiday show with thrills, chills and gills.

Home for the Holidays at the Florentine Opera Center, 926 E. Burleigh

Why? Because Riverwest isn’t just about hipster bars, fixies and facial hair. Stop by the neighborhood bastion of the operatic arts for a holiday-themed recital featuring the Florentine Studio Artists. There will be a few sing-a-longs (karaoke with a little class) to blend in with the studio artists own solos. And you can meet them and tell them about your golden coloratura days at a concert after-party at Art Bar down the street.

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