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Lone Star
Could Sue Black move to Texas?
Sue Black, former Milwaukee County parks director, is one of two finalists for the job of Dallas parks director, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In a recent feature that appeared in Milwaukee Magazine, Black said she had received a number of overtures from potential employers but had not yet settled on one.

The prospect in Dallas -- which opened up some time ago -- has had Black competing with a number of highly talented co-applicants. She made it through a recent narrowing of the field, according to the Dallas paper, from five candidates to two.

Black faces a co-finalist with a home field advantage: Willis Winters, the assistant director of the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department.

In 2011, Black famously turned down an offer from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to leave her post in Milwaukee to head up the Illinois city's parks system. The job would have meant a higher salary and a larger budget to play with, but she said she would rather stay in her home town.

She may have no such qualms this time, since she lost the local parks director post earlier this year. County Executive Chris Abele fired Black while offering little in the way of a public explanation. He said he believed he had done the right thing for the county and that he could receive better service from another administrator.

The Morning News says Black and Winters were selected as finalists out of a grand total of 114 applicants. At some point, the search committee opened up the job to outside candidates, such as Black, who won a variety of awards during her tenure at Milwaukee County.

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